Which Proof of Stake CryptoCurrency is most profitable? Episode 1

Crypto Experiment! we look at 14 Proof of stake coins to find out which is most profitable in this on going series. This is real Passive income for everyone. Purchasing $250 of each of these coins:
Pivx. Neo, Reddcoin, Exclusive coin, Blackcoin, Neoscoin, Piecoi, Neutron, Syndicate, Bitbean, Renos, Rain, Embercoin, Particl.

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41 Replies to “Which Proof of Stake CryptoCurrency is most profitable? Episode 1”

  1. Great video! I wanted to do the same thing. What's the specs of your desktop and what's your recommended min specs for doing Proof of Stake? Thanks again!

  2. Sad to see you missed out giving 808 coin a try, it pays out after 8 days for 2% a day for a yearly apr of 808% its been doing amazing for over a year now.

  3. I couldn't get the syndicate wallet to sync no matter what I did, I looked around alot having the same issue, so I just sold all the coins and moved on. b3 and buzzcoin seem to be really high POS %

  4. If you are looking for great POS staking coins, take a look at Condensate (RAIN), solid coin and about 200% staking rewards a year. The price of the coin also does very well

  5. Excellent experiment. I will be watching this. POS has been very kind to me especially Truckcoin which I hope gets on a future list Β for your consideration.

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