What is the Komodo Platform – BarterDEX Decentralized Exchange – VoskCoin 2018

Vosk reviews what is the Komodo Platform and how their cryptocurrency ecosystem could reshape the way cryptocurrency currently works.

VoskCoin Komodo Notary Node Proposal – http://bit.ly/KMDVosk2018

Komodo is the evolution of BitcoinDark which has been centered around privacy since its inception. Barterdex is a decentralized exchange not build around exorbitant fees and no use of a centralized middle-man party. Komodo Platform will be bringing a true decentralized Initial Coin Offering / Blockchain Crowdfunding resource to the world.

Join Komodo Slack and Join #NotaryNode – https://goo.gl/BFzuhW
Komodo official Subreddit – https://goo.gl/CM77SJ
Official Komodo Platform Website – https://goo.gl/PyG74S
Komodo Notary Node 2018 Candidate List – https://goo.gl/3uM6tf
A Guide to Better Understand Komodo – https://goo.gl/2hc6u2
BarterDex Image Used (CC 3.0) – https://goo.gl/dr5D4c
Komodo 2018 Notary Node Elections – https://goo.gl/KtkqsV
Bitcoin Dark BTCD to Komodo KMD – https://goo.gl/1DSDpv
Komodo dICO Make KMD better than ETH? – https://goo.gl/6dBBas
What is an Atomic Swap – https://goo.gl/34tSxf

VoskCoin Notary Node Candidate 2018 Google Drive Link –

Reddit – https://goo.gl/5Uywvt Discord – https://goo.gl/Zxirh9

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58 Replies to “What is the Komodo Platform – BarterDEX Decentralized Exchange – VoskCoin 2018”

    1. Happy to be covering it, one of the few projects I seriously see real use behind as to why I'm chasing this Notary Node spot ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. Keep doing your thing bro you're good dude appreciate all your info good luck with that notary anything we could do to help just let us know

  2. Thank you Vos, would you do a video like this on ARK? They are working on aces nodes between ARK <> Zencash. Ark will do a lot like this sooner with the Blockport partnership.

  3. Iโ€™m not sure about this Vosk dude, but if tails were to be on the ballot for a node thatโ€™s where my vote would go!

  4. Good luck Vosk! As always I enjoy your videos, so keep up the great work. I remember seeing the one video where your ex boss gave you an option of work or no more work. I'm sorry, I'm a boss and I respect family, friends, and pets. If someone comes to me needing time to get life back in alignment, I give them that. Work will always be there and as a team it can get figured out how to sill get the job done with one less person for a short time period. So Vosk, take this Komodo Platform that you believe in and put the pedal to the metal and drive it home. Once again, good luck!

  5. Vosk you are the best! Really enjoy your views bro! You've been a lot of help for me building my own rig. Thanks bro and keep making great videos

  6. Barterdex is dope! Vosk, as a youtuber and miner you should 100% be checking out IPBC they already have a fully working product.

  7. Looks like a cool project. Definitely worth a look. Hey, would you mind doing a video on the coins you're mining the most right now? I've got bits and pieces of everything and don't know what to keep and what to auto-exchange.

  8. Hello,

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  9. I think decentralised exchanges are an absolutely essential and inevitable in this space, and I've recently been introduced to the concept of using the Bitcoin blockchain as a way for other cryptos to provide additional security that they may otherwise lack due to the fact that, well, they're not Bitcoin. And then boom, KMD comes at me out of nowhere. This is a really interesting project, gonna dig deep into it and keep it high on my radar, payday is coming up so I might have to make an investment if what I find gets me even more excited.

  10. Btw I've found your channel by accident during the BTCP fork, you seem genuine and really passionate, quickly becoming one of my fave crypto channels. Keep up the great work man!

  11. Just invested five grand ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for the heads up. It's so cheap right now I wish I could buy more those end of Dec early Jan price spikes are sexy.

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  12. ur so right komodo needs more tutorials I hodl 4 coins I got @$9usd :'(
    u have my votes for the node but how can I vote? can I vote?

    love u tails feel better

  13. Wish mining Komodo was more profitable. Their network is 1/3rd that of Zclassic. At least it can be stored on a Nano S.

  14. Hi Vosk. Please talk about Minexcoin (MNX) which is also implementing atomic swap and releasing a decentralised exchange.

  15. Hi Vosk,This is my first time hearing about Komodo's platform and exchange, thanks for the valuable information.Just wanted to ask if their exchange has the same format as Binance in terms of the BNB tokens.And also what do you think of NAGA and the NAGA token? I see them as very similar and would appreciate any input on this.Hope you read this, and hope Tails gets better soon ^_^

  16. Hi Vosk,This is an impressive video which clearly shows a great coin which could get a great increase in exposure through a popular YouTuber like you, who makes good content. I hope the people with decision making power at Komodo see the potential. This video to me represents a big step in your evolution as a YouTuber. You provide good content and you have a down to earth attraction based on your honest and slight rough edged, but never profane or dirty presentation. In short we trust you. If not Komodo some other coin will see the potential, but I truly hope itโ€™s Komodo because after watching your three videoโ€™s I am buying and holding this coin.Take care and keep on evolving.

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