Vechain, Ontology, Elastos – These Top Altcoins will Outgrow Bitcoin | Best Crypto To Buy

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Vechain, Ontology , Elastos are one of the best cryptocurrency to buy. Vechain, Ontology , Elastos are definately top altcoin picks. Vechain keeps getting partnerships. Elastos token keeps making progress.
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11 Replies to “Vechain, Ontology, Elastos – These Top Altcoins will Outgrow Bitcoin | Best Crypto To Buy”

  1. Your picks are spot on but a quick question what happened to your top pic for 2018 ICX ICON has had a turbulent time have you changed your mind on ICX or do you still believe it will moon 🌑

    1. Nope… It's still on my "to get more" list.. They seem to be making some progress. I will make more vids on other great picks too.

  2. All good picks. Another one to consider adding to the portfolio is TOMOchain and HPB. Both extremely overlooked and undervalued projects Q4 will be huge for both of these. Neo also invested in both.

  3. Hi, I have some Ontology at Binance, I have bought them with BTC. My question is if I will get ONG automatically or if I must buy my ONT with BNB first?

  4. Great Pics .. defently will Scoop up a lot of ELA soon at these prices !! Check out Gochain its crazy undervalued and will be one of the biggest Ico Plattforms !!! Edenchain will also be big !!! But Vechain and ELA are awesome Projects with crazy Profits in the future !! 😉

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