This is WHY you DON’T Make PROFIT TRADING Cryptocurrency | Content Neutrality Network, Peepcoin

In this video Beyond10x talks about Profit taking when trading cryptocurrency. I also give practical examples with Content Neutrality Network (CNN) and Peepcoin.
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9 Replies to “This is WHY you DON’T Make PROFIT TRADING Cryptocurrency | Content Neutrality Network, Peepcoin”

  1. Just to clarify – I am NOT selling all my CNN.. I am just playing it safe buy selling some gains I made because I want to buy back when it corrects. I mean, CNN has been going up for the past months and nothing continues to go up in a straight line. There will always be corrections and price drops and FUD… It's about keeping your PROFITS..CNN might continue going up but hey atleast am not being greedy.. I hope you get my point. HAPPY TRADING!

    1. Hey thanks for the support.. Just continue watching my Youtube videos here and you will make money. Don't join my Patreon until you make at least $10 000 profit from all the free info I will put on my Youtube channel. The best things in life are free.. Good luck in your trades.

  2. What do you think about the potential of ONION compared to the privacy features of PEEP and DAPS? I'm sure you heard about it.

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