IAN Balina Reveals Top ALTCOIN picks for 2018 | Crypto News

Ian Balina top altcoin picks for octiber 2018 revealed. In this video Beyond10x talks about Ian Balina 100x show where Ian Balina talks about lending block, Pareto Network and Edenchain.
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17 Replies to “IAN Balina Reveals Top ALTCOIN picks for 2018 | Crypto News”

  1. Thanks for covering this with an honest perspective. Without trying to come across sounding negative I personally cannot stand Shillina at all and don't see how he has credibility other than he got into crypto and icos early enough to continue making profits.. Big deal. Sure he can make videos and discuss projects but I think more people are doing their own research and could care less what he promotes. In all honesty it just seems like less and less higher quality projects are taking him seriously anymore so he's no just getting mostly bottom of the barrel projects that will give him free cryptos. At this point it seems that the projects that do the best keep their distance from him at least thats what the majority in the community have been saying lately.

  2. Hey Muna!!! This is Tarjia! I'm loving your video as always! You are the bomb! And always delivering great value. Catch you later. 🙂

  3. Actually the new 333eth and will be a long-term, there is first only 3.33%, and then will be 2% and at the end of all 1%, so that early entered – got a lot, and then just a stable passive income. What could be better?

  4. Celsius > Nexo > SALT
    (Haven't researched Lending Block because of Celsius in which pays interest in over 6 coins)
    No financial advice here

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