How To Build Crypto Mining Rig W/ $2000 or LESS – Beginner Tutorial – ETH/ZEC/XMR

Vosk reviews how to build the best beginner mining rig with a cost of ONLY $1400-2000 dollars depending on the price of parts when ordered. Today Vosk builds a 8x RX560 GPU Mining Rig that he bios modded in the exact same manner shown in the
VoskCoin Bios Modding w/ 1 Click Guide –
VoskCoin 1050 TI 8x GPU Budget Build –
VoskCoin Best Bang 4 Buck Mining Rig –
VoskCoin Rx560 Monero XMR Crypto Hashrate

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Full Rx560 Mining Rig Build Parts List w/ Alternatives (Rx560 search) Order up to 8 gpu (Rx560 14cu like shown gpu) (Rx550 cheaper slower alt.) (1050 TI alternative search)
CPU (G3930 Shown) (G3900 Alternative) (G4400 Alternative) (G3930 Alternative) (6100T Power saving)
Motherboard (Asus z270p Shown) (Asus z270a 7 PCIE + 1 M.2) (8 GPU Alternative) (8 GPU Asus Alt high-end) (6x GPU – Our top used for 6)
PSU (850w Platinum Shown) (750w Platinum alternative) (750w Gold best value alternative) (850w Gold cheaper alternative) (850w Gold cheaper alternative)
PCIE 2x Splitters (If needed) (Alternative)
RAM (White) (Grey) (Red / Shown)
M.2 PCIE Adapters (White / Shown HIGHLY recommended) (Blue / USB m.2 pcie adapter alt.) (Green / Mintcell DID NOT WORK)
GPU RIG FRAME Mining Cave Rig Frames – Coupon VoskCoin (Mintcell TitanAlternative) (Titan w/ Risers) (Titan 2 pack) MiningCave Rig Frames CC = VoskCoin
PCIE Risers (order 2 packs / good to have a couple extra) (Mintcell) (Explomos) (Victony) (Onvian)
USB Harddrive (Shown) (Alternative) (Alternative) (Alternative)
Zip-Ties (Shown)

Software used = smOS =

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100 Replies to “How To Build Crypto Mining Rig W/ $2000 or LESS – Beginner Tutorial – ETH/ZEC/XMR”

  1. Support VoskCoin by using our Amazon Affiliate links below!USA – UK – – DE – Rx560 Mining Rig Build Parts List w/ Alternatives BELOW! (Rx560 search) Order up to 8 gpu (Rx560 14cu like shown gpu) (Rx550 cheaper slower alt.) (1050 TI alternative search)CPU (G3930 Shown) (G3900 Alternative) (G4400 Alternative) (G3930 Alternative) (6100T Power saving)Motherboard (Asus z270p Shown) (Asus z270a 7 PCIE + 1 M.2) (8 GPU Alternative) (8 GPU Asus Alt high-end) (6x GPU – Our top used for 6)PSU (850w Platinum Shown) (750w Platinum alternative) (750w Gold best value alternative) (850w Gold cheaper alternative) (850w Gold cheaper alternative)PCIE 2x Splitters (If needed) (Alternative)RAM (White) (Grey) (Red / Shown)M.2 PCIE Adapters (White / Shown HIGHLY recommended) (Blue / USB m.2 pcie adapter alt.) (Green / Mintcell DID NOT WORK)GPU RIG FRAME Mining Cave Rig Frames – Coupon VoskCoin (Mintcell TitanAlternative) (Titan w/ Risers) (Titan 2 pack) MiningCave Rig Frames CC = VoskCoinPCIE Risers (order 2 packs / good to have a couple extra) (Mintcell) (Explomos) (Victony) (Onvian)USB Harddrive (Shown) (Alternative) (Alternative) (Alternative)Zip-Ties (Shown)Software used = smOS =

  2. Hi please help me, I dont know what to mine. I will choose Zcash or ZEN or Nicehash. Can you tell me more about the ZEN and why do you prefer it. I have 3 1080tis (Asus Strix)

  3. once again reading minds! check out the MSI aero 560 4gb, got 15+ with modded bios – however after playing around with different rx 560´s past few weeks i opted for gtx 1050ti. very slight higher price no bios modding and not working them as hard as rx´s getting 15+ with afterburner oc –

  4. Crypto mining is annoying. It uses so much power, raises gpu and cpu prices and is less profitable than trading. I wanted to buy a vega, saved up 500 and went to buy it, IT WENT UP TO 800!

  5. As always, simple and efficient to understand how to do it. Thats why I love your videos dude. Good job and thanks for sharing.

  6. i was thinking about my new rig and i came across on a good deal on the MSI Z370 GAMING M5 INTEL Z370 LGA 1151 socket M.2 thermal M.2 SSDs ATX MOTHERBOARD i was wondering what was your opinion on this mother board or of anyone can tell me if they are using this board?????

  7. Vosk your videos are just getting better and better. We’re blessed to have you in the scene. Thanks a lot for this in depth breakdown.

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  9. Hey Vosk — mining is my next step in the crypto world. I wanted to see if you ever used Alibaba to purchase any of your cards?

  10. Well, thats great and all nvidia… Too bad it's IMPOSSIBLE to make a card not able to mine cryptocurrency.

    Explainer (if you want to read it):
    Crypto-mining works on the basis of cryptography hashes (e.g. SHA256, etc). These calculations are perfectly suited for GPUs because GPUs are designed to process large matrices of data (like, for instance, pixels on a display) and hashes are done using very similar large matrices of data. Things are processed on GPUs through kernels (essentially jobs that are dispatched by the CPU, bits of C code). In order to stop crypto-mining, you would have to make a GPU unable to accept custom kernels, which would stop OSs, games, etc. from being able to process graphical data e.g. THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT OF A GPU.

  11. How comes you didnt power the m2 adapter? Is it powered through the motherboard?>?
    Love ya videos keep up the good work.
    Very informative.

  12. rx560 now is cheap, but I see rx 460 4gb that is 30% cheaper…like 125-140$ each, the 560 is 220-240$ so…the cuda cores are with ~120 less on the 460..TDP:75 wats. 560 or 460 ?_?

  13. We have 51 S9s coming in less than 10 days.
    I know you aren’t crazy about the asic miners but could you do a video talking about doing something bigger. We’re over $100k on this build and would love some ideas that we may miss like air quality, electricity requirements, facility build, etc.

  14. i been wanting to get into mining but im not to good with parts until i saw this video but is it still worth it to mine coin right now? what would u guys recommend?

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  18. Hey, which option I should choose: -Buy a ASCII cryptomining machine like the Antminer S9 -make my own mining rig with some gpu’s, like the video.

  19. 3200$ on amazon. Thats Canadian. just ordered this one. already have the 1050ti build from vosk coin, and it works awesome . keep the great work up 🙂

  20. I'd like to talk to you about coming out to speak to other individuals looking to build. Additionally, I would like to know your top three best builds. Most expensive but manageable build video. Quietest build video. And a moderate build with everything under 10k. I would also like to buy a build from you.

    1. bitcoin and bitcoin mining is trash, you're just making it harder for real gamers to buy the things they need (gpu) to play games.This is raising the prices of graphics cards/ pc parts.

  21. HiPlease tell me this 8x RX560 GPU Mining Rig can mint how many bitcoin in a day and how much electricity it will consume per day?

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  23. Hi VoskCoinFirst of all great video, I've been watching your videos for a bit now, and you got some great content and tips.I wanted to know your opinion on something. If you have 5k to invest on a rig, what equipments would you recommend? I'm actually asking for myself. I got 5k that I can invest and I would love your insight on this. Thanks

  24. I wan't to make a rig with GTX 1060's, but is it better to use 1060's with 3GB of video memory or 6GB of memory and why? Thank you

  25. At current prices and .09KW/h this rig will profit about $600/year. The cost of GPU's and the noise created by ASIC make mining prohibitive. You can make as much just buying the coins and holding them for the same period of time.

  26. Btw , it is better to invest $2000 in coins , right now , for example BTC , because a lot of coins are going up now !

  27. I like the video because you title is money up front $2000 the real true is that in this business is a 75% risk or more butt is not the type of business you can start for less than $2000 and think that you are going to make any money on it lots of retards thinking on how long will take to get the money back of the initial investment that means there are not business oriented people they have no clue if you want to make good on this buy the best tools in the market commit to it don't BS you self try for 6 months if whit a investment from $3000 to $5000 you don't get $500 a month you don't have a business you sale you equipment that is in demand get you money back and move on Don't forget you are in the country of Bull shit were sales and Business run on Bull shit and the internet runs on digital Bull shit but i like your video is honest it wont make you rich but is honest

  28. I have this exact rig the only difference is I have 4 Gigabyte graphic cards. N im having Trouble getting them powered this is the first rig im building so im learning all of this

  29. how big of a power supply do i need for a 8x rx580 rig so the power supply isn't running at max wattage all the time. I've heard that will burn out your power supply. I'm assuming the power supply would be the only thing that needs upgrading if I'm building a 8x RX 580 rig?

  30. I invested 2 bitcoins two weeks ago at ( and today I got 3.09 as dividend for my investment. This is so great and fascinating.

  31. Hey Vosk, I’ve started building a mining rig with 6 RX580 8GB. For some reason when I open MSI afterburner it reads all 6 cards. When I open mining claymore it only reads 4 sometimes 5 cards? Any help would be highly appreciated

  32. very nice video, but wouldnt it be a better idea to get 4 RX 580 rather than 8 RX 560? It would have a higher ETH hashrate (mines 30.1 Mh/s per card w/o bio mods) the RX 580 has more than double the hashrate but doesnt cost double the price

  33. Perdí mucho dinero en el pasado sin conocer el secreto de la negociación / minería binaria hasta que conocí a un gran minero … #Smithcryptocurrency. , hoy me enorgullece decir que el negocio es lucrativo …

  34. what's the cost for that entire set up? I want to try this but have no idea where to begin or how mining works..Hope this isn't a stupid question but I really want to try this out…

  35. Hey voskcoin can you recommend a card on this build I can purchase to get more hashes out of it? Beastmode version?

  36. As the price of coins keep increasing or decreasing, so is the profitability of mining them. Both building mining rigs yourself to mine and buying cloud mining contracts are very profitable at the moment and will get you a pretty huge ROI. This is the perfect time to get into the mining scene and start building a steady income. Your ROI depends on the amount of coins you mine. I mine coins like BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH and ETC. Feel free to contact me for assistance via (victorvladimir34@gmail. com)

  37. So i was wondering what 560 cards do you use I have seen acouple different versions I also had another question what type of coin can you hash with this machine

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