Cryptocurrency Paper Wallet Tutorial – ZenCash / Bitcoin / Ethereum / Neo Blockchain

Ever wondered what a paper wallet is when it comes to cryptocurrency? Such as what is a Bitcoin paper wallet and how to create one? Today Vosk creates a Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZenCash, and Neo paper wallet illustrating just how easy and simple paper wallets are + how a paper wallet is a simple, safe, and cheap “cold storage” for storing your crypto off your actual “hackable” computer!

ZenCash Paper Wallet Generator –
ZenCash Arizen Wallet Download –
Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator –
Ethereum + Eth erc-20 tokens Paper Wallet –
City of Zion Neon Neo Wallet Download –

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27 Replies to “Cryptocurrency Paper Wallet Tutorial – ZenCash / Bitcoin / Ethereum / Neo Blockchain”

  1. BTC – 12PsgKuhcJrEqJbD3oMN7rcEcuyqyqRznLETH – 0xDEe6A2ae293F8C58Ef71649658344BbF382b6e70ZEN – znb1iNFP6VctF2AhXLXtMsSjP7emvYDmeXRInterested in building your own VoskCoin Tri-Miner? Full Parts List BELOW!Mobo – Shown – AlternativeCPU – Shown – 1600 AlternativePSU – Shown – G3 Gold Alternative – G2 Gold AlternativeRAM – Shown – 2400 Alternative – 3000 AlternativeFrame – Shown – Cheaper Alternative – Modern Alternative – Fancy AlternativeHDD – Shown – External HDD AlternativeHDD Coolermaster External Case – ShownGPU's – Any Work, Pick 21080 TI TI 6gb 3gb TI VEGA – 64 – 56RX580

    1. VoskCoin Hey! Great vids. I made a 6 GPU rig and updated the BIOS. DVI cable is plugged into the motherboard because the settings. Using a SSD and mining via Minergate, NiceHash. I get a black screen but the rig is still powered on and shown still mining viewing the pool. Any idea why?

  2. Securing your coins is good and all but when it's time to transact with them is when you are at risk. For example what happened to Wozniak with $70,000 in bitcoins. Maybe I am wrong but there is no way of preventing that happening. That's my biggest question mark with cryptos right now. How much scamming and hacking shit that goes on with them. Unless you are trading with FDIC backed companies I would be really concerned about who I am dealing with in this private and secure network lol

    1. No that's not what happened to Wozniak. What happened was that he sold 7 BTC to someone who allegedly paid for them using a credit card and then cancelled the credit card right after so the payment never went through. The circumstances are very unclear. Why would Wozniak be selling bitcoin to a peer and not waiting for the fiat deposit to clear before sending his crypto to the buyer? Where did this happen? Through p2p exchance like Localbitcoins? We don't know. Why would he be making such a dumb transaction? Why wouldn't he sell his coins to one of the major exchanges like most people? It makes no sense. It's on him.

      Of course there are tons of ways of preventing that from happening. Don't sell coins directly to people who pay for them using credit cards, lol.

  3. Hi Vosk, like always great video. I’m still new to hobby mining and really enjoy all the knowledge you share. Quick question, with a mining rig do you recommend using nice hash? I see that it’s paying a bit better than Nanopool. Thank you

  4. Hey guys, a general question: Is there any Linux mining OS that has some web GUI implemented that runs on my own server or rig? Like smOS but without having to register my rigs on their server. Regards

  5. I do understand paper wallet is safe. Cold offline wallet. But remember you still creating the paper wallet online. Nothing safe in crypto currency world.

    1. It's not really true that nothing is safe in crypto world. If that were true, no one would use it. While it's true that you can't be 100% certain there isn't some vulnerability that has yet to be identified or that your computer hasn't been compromised when you create the wallet, the same goes for traditional banking (even offline banking since all banking systems use computers). A good, solid infosec policy will protect a paper wallet.

  6. Hey, vos, been following you for quite some time. I just wanted to let you know how much I really appreciate your videos. They are straight to the point, quick, non-nonsense, with no ego. Perfect for me and I'd image most everyone else. Thanks again.

  7. why do all of your latest videos contain the exact same generic clip of gpus running with the 1 gpu that has a fan running slower than the rest?

  8. Pro Tip: be VERY careful what printer you use to print out your paper wallets. Why? Most printers have a MEMORY CACHE and someone who knows how to access it can also access the paper wallets you printed. If you're at a public library, at your employer, or somewhere else where others have access to the printer's memory you could potentially LOSE your crypto.

  9. Hey, why don't you do a video on taxes. IRS. It's that time of year. Incorpating vs hobbiest and if you can deduct expenses gains, losses, record keeping, reporting, etc. Because I can assure you crypto mining is not a free ride. The IRS is watching and they want their share.

  10. Hello from Guatemala, Have a question, If the private key are given by the internet wallet site, can they get to the private key and get your altcoins in that paper wallet? I know is the safest, b

  11. I am trying to get into the Bitcoins lately and printed out my first Bitcoin paper wallet. Then I decided to try few Bitcoin QR code generators, which I found online, and to my surprise, none of them generated same QR codes as generated on my first paper wallet, even I copied Bitcoin address from paper wallet very closely and without any mistakes. Isn't QR code suppose to be same for given address? Am I missing something here? The reason I need to generate QR code is that, I want to get Trezor wallet and buy some Bitcoins at ATM with QR code generated from Trezor address. Now I am not sure if I could get right QR code. I would really appreciate if somebody could clarify this for me. Thanks

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