Cryptocurrency masternodes – What is it? Which cryptocurrencies use it? How profitable?

Hi guys,

I though this might be a nice video for people who are really into cryptocurrencies. Here you got a video about some cryptocurrencies using a masternode system or going to use it in the near future, which is very profitable for the owner of the masternode. There are a lot more using a masternode system, but couldn’t discuss them all (maybe i’ll make a part 2 ^^). For now I took some big coins or coins I like that are using it.

The following Cryptocurrecies are using a masternode system:
Dash (DASH)
Crown (CRW)
TransferCoin (TX)
ExclusiveCoin (EXCL)

Will start using masternodes in the future:
Blocknet (BLOCK)
Monetary Unit (MUE)
Bata (BTA)

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39 Replies to “Cryptocurrency masternodes – What is it? Which cryptocurrencies use it? How profitable?”

  1. Great video! But I like monetary unit the most for an investment. They will have a shared node service so anyone can own part of a masternode and get their percentage of the node rewards. Also each project needs to provide a reason to actually use their coin. Mue has a forex and a gaming platform among other uses for their coin. Exclusive coin has a lot of bad comments on Bitcoin talk that is was abandoned by the Dev for a long time. I really like them all except for exclusive coin. Best returns for investments will likely be the mid to lower cap ones. Keep up the good work with the videos.

    1. Thanks for the extra info, both coins I honestly know little about πŸ™‚ will do my research soon! Good luck with the investments πŸ˜€

  2. Have you heard of Helium? People holding Spreadcoin will receive Helium at a specified block date to be announced. Helium will be getting masternodes too, so I'd say it is a good investment. You can find Spreadcoin on bittrex, and bittrex will be participating in the "swap" (you still get to keep your spreadcoins after the swap though). Here is the ANN for Helium:

    1. I didn't heard that yet, thanks for the information! Will do some more research about this one πŸ™‚ cheers!

  3. good video, but you should consider also the circulating amount of each coin. As expample, which coin has more potential to raise in future – PIVX with almost 54.000.000 coins, or EXCL with only 4.000.000 coins. I would say, thats a "little" difference.

    1. Yes, but for the time now that's not an issue. You're right about the future, prices over thousands of dollars a piece is not really handy to work with (as now for bitcoin).

  4. This is actually a really interesting comparison. Specifically DASH / PIVX / EXCL. DASH and PIVX have very expensive masternodes and I found EXCL to be a great alternative. Nice marketcap with not much downside, but seems to have a promising upside. I would recommend you get your masternodes before another pump comes along and puts them out of reach for most people… check my twitter out for tips @fleshwounded. Take care. Happy trading.

    1. Hey question for you. How did you identify Ripple as a good buy? I have always thought ripple to be counter to the decentralized blockchain structure that makes these things special, so I missed the greatest recent price move in all crypto. You absolutely nailed these calls. You must be worth a fortune at this point.

    1. If you can post Youtube videos of new altcoin masternodes before everyone else is aware or catch on to it, it would be most appreciated!

  5. You said that with Crown, Transfercoin and ExclusiveCoin, the reward is 45% to 50% of block rewards. I don't know how long it takes to mine a block. Can you let me know roughly what kind of ROI for these three altcoins for operating a masternode?

  6. lol nem has a lot of nerve pricing their masternode that high with the coin trading at the mid 20's cents and below for the longest time!

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