Bread Token | Top ALTCOIN Picks February | Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card

Bread (BRD) token and Bread wallet will allow users to buy bitcoin using a credit card globally. Bread Token is one of my top alt coin picks for 2018.
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Bread wallet is a safe cryptocurrency that allows you to store Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bread wallet is a coinbase killer. Bread app or Bread wallet is a great alternative to coinbase app.

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18 Replies to “Bread Token | Top ALTCOIN Picks February | Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card”

  1. I made a big profit on bread and got scared to sell. Now I’m at a massive loss. Can’t wait for it to start going back up, I personally love what they’re doing!

  2. How is the purchase of bitcoin achieved via credit card with Bread wallet special? As you are aware many USA and British issuing master card visa banks are shutting off crypto access, so how does the Bread wallet get around this?

    1. Thank you I didn't read the link before I posted, while that is huge news, it's in some ways empty news in the sense that many large credit card issuing banks are shutting down the approval process to charge crypto with a credit card, for example Bank of America and Capital One Bank don't approve transactions with CoinBase, etc…Simplex can't do anything about the issuer of your credit card, and for the record Simplex working with two different accounts of mine still denied my transactions with BitStamp months ago.

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