BRAND NEW ASIC Miners?! Antminer R3 / ETH ASIC / DCR / Halong Dragonmint B52 Blake2b

2018 will be loaded with Cryptocurrency ASIC Miner development and releases . . today we discovered true proof of the Antminer R3 Bitmains latest Scrypt miner / router combo along with info of their upcoming Ethereum ASIC miner, Halongminer dragonmint B52 blake2b siacoin miner and of course Bitmain has a Antminer Decred DCR asic in the works . .

Antminer R3 is an upcoming ASIC miner release from Bitmain which is the successor to their Antminer R1 LTC router miner
Bitmain will absolutely be releasing a DCR Decred ASIC Miner under their Antminer line
The rumors of the ETH ASIC are growing and I’ll place my bets that we will see Bitmain launch their own GPU miner or are the looming ETH asic miner rumors true?
HalongMining / Halong Miner will be releasing their Blake2b Dragonmint B52 Siacoin miner boasting 3.5 th/s sometime this year putting the A3 to shame however early adopters will surely make out well . . maybe right?
Obelisk Tech falling farther behind with now multiple companies beating them to the punch delivering the ASIC miners they sought out to develop and sell.

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23 Replies to “BRAND NEW ASIC Miners?! Antminer R3 / ETH ASIC / DCR / Halong Dragonmint B52 Blake2b”

  1. Wait for SAMSUNG to release ASIC miners. That will shock everyone who fall for the marketing pitch "Designed to resist ASIC miners." 🙂

  2. They usually say that ETH is ASIC resistant but giving a serious thought, it is plausible but I don't think it will have 72 GB worth of video of ram. It might be for the highest end ASIC miner they could release far in the future once memory shortages have been sorted. An initial release, I reckon is around 32 GB but will surely cost more than 2K USD and ROI will take longer than a rig with the same hashrate

  3. I have recently purchases a whatsminer m3 do you have any recommended coins to mine with with this machine. Also it does average 11.7ths and I have connected it to slush pool and it only brings in 7$ a day how can I make more money with this. Please help

  4. Why make any product to mine ETH when you have full POS coming late this year if they keep to their dev plans? I know there is ETC and other Ethash coins, but we all mine Ethereum for a reason lol.

  5. Difficulty is just shooting up in ETH, I don't think it's profitable anymore to purchase them at this time. It is just flying up…google ETH Difficulty and just check the last 2 months, last week has been crazy.

  6. i have been looking at mining some altcoins over the last week or so what i want to know is there any miner that dont run my gpu under heavy load so i am still able to use my pc for watching a film or videos and so on. i got a 1060 6gb

  7. 650+MH Eth miner for anything under $5000 is the end of GPU mining. Since their pricepoint is generally half of that, this doesn't look good.

    1. IceLegend

      You can set the TDP or wattage to a lower value. For example a 1050 ti is rated for maximum 75 watt, but you can set it to 35 watt. This will allow for a cooler running gpu and possibly more longevity (at the cost of lower hashrate).

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