Bitcoin Private BTCP Overview + Review – Snapshot / Exchanges / Fork / Speculation

One of the biggest forks in cryptocurrency history is about to take place with Bitcoin and Zclassic are being forked/combined to create Bitcoin Private BTCP.

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00:18 VoskCoin hits 50k subs! 02.27.17
01:14 Bitcoin Private BTCP Fork Snapshot reviewed
01:38 Bitcoin Private features and why its a Privacy Coin
02:38 Bitcoin Gold review / BTG premine / BTG scam fee
03:15 Price speculation / Possible USD / Marketcap estimate?
04:25 Bitcoin Private Equihash Algorithm / SHA-256 Mining
05:29 Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
06:17 Bitcoin Private BTCP applied to Binance + Bittrex Exchanges
06:27 KuCoin HitBTC TradeSatoshi Exchanges listing BTCP
07:43 Rhett Creighton Creator of ZCL and Bitcoin Private
09:01 Bitcoin Private BTCP Whitepaper

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22 Replies to “Bitcoin Private BTCP Overview + Review – Snapshot / Exchanges / Fork / Speculation”

  1. Found this video helpful? Consider donating to fund future videos like this! VoskCoin Zclassic ZCL Address – t1bWeXWJiBL11iwRTvEc5JhKKVbiWtwL4cwInterested in building a VoskCoin Tri-Miner Mining Rig? Full Parts List BELOW!Mobo – – Shown – AlternativeCPU – Shown – 1600 AlternativePSU – Shown – G3 Gold Alternative – G2 Gold AlternativeRAM – Shown – 2400 Alternative – 3000 AlternativeFrame – Shown – Cheaper Alternative – Modern Alternative – Fancy AlternativeHDD – Shown – External HDD AlternativeHDD Coolermaster External Case – ShownGPU's – Any Work, Pick 21080 TI TI 6gb 3gb TI VEGA – 64 – 56RX580

    1. The problem with Rhett Creighton is that he's been involved with several coins in a pretty short period of time which leaves one wondering if he's going to actually stick it out. There's also the issue of him considering rewriting the blockchain in order to make the Satoshi mined coins available. That's not the way things are supposed to be.

  2. Vosk, you mentioned in your last video a supply of 20M, however the snapshot shows less than one million. How will this effect the coin? I appreciate the heads up, and come what may. Unfortunately I didn't sell last night and you were spot on about Zclassic crashing hard.

  3. Best pool for mining ether these days? (Preferably one that doesn't suffer from constant failed connections and socket closed remotely errors ie Nanapool all of a sudden)

  4. 'Don't know Satoshi? We've got a problem. But now we've fixed that, so welcome to voskcoin.' Well played sir, you have my subscription.

  5. GPU's like the 1080 and 1070 were NOT designed or tested to operate full blast or under full load 24/7/365 I been told by a Zotac tech.

    What do you guys think? Whats the life expectancy? If its less than 5 years, this will definitely affect everyones ROI. If anyone has a link or can give their $0.02 Id appreciate it.

  6. Has any word been said about the BTCP wallet being released… still waiting to claim my BTCP since I didn't use an exchange…

  7. Hey man! Love the channel dude great job! I have a question for ya. I am not real good at the mining yet. I tried to figure out roughly what kind of prophets mining will make. So my goal is 6 x 1060 Graphic cards on a motherboard. At current prices roughly how much would this bring in?

  8. Its already like ALL Mined so really who is going to mine it at a low value and very small shares. I don't get why people like it because they just ditched Zclassic which seemed much better for miners. Way less coins and whoever bought into Zclassic at the stupid high price it was before the fork then went to shit

  9. No Pre-mine ??? There is only 21mil total and 20.3 Mil are already gone so its pretty much ALL Pre mined through people just holding Zclassic n Bitcoin

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