ASIC Miners DESTROY GPU Mining? NEW Monero XMR FPGA ASIC & Electroneum ETN Miner

Will ASIC/FPGA Miners destroy Cryptocurrency / GPU Mining? 2018 has been a wild year for crypto mining and GPU miners are now faced with a new enemy the Baikalminer Giant N Cryptonight “ASIC” miner . .
Baikalminer Giant N Official Sale Site –

The Baikalminer Giant N can mine Cryptonight and Cryptonight Lite . . one could also speculate that Bitmain may have a Cryptonight ASIC miner up their sleeve however from I have heard I would say that I doubt that.

I recently covered GPU Mining Profitability –
FluffyPony Riccardo Spagni Asic Resistant –
Monero Asic Resistant POW Change? –

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75 Replies to “ASIC Miners DESTROY GPU Mining? NEW Monero XMR FPGA ASIC & Electroneum ETN Miner”

  1. Build your own GPU Mining Rig – in building your own 7 GPU Mining Rig? Full Parts ListMobo – Gigabyte GA-Z270P-D3 (Shown)CPU G4400 (Shown)PSU – EVGA 1200w Platinum (Shown) – PCIE Splitters needed + SATA power risers – Same as above and this PSU is goldRAM Red / Shown Grey WhitePCIE 6 pin to 2x 6+2 pin splitter (At least 6 needed) – Shown DeepInTheMines orange splitters – Yellow splitters (6 pin to 2x 6+2 pin) – Yellow splitters (8 pin to 2x 6+2 pin)Frame – Mining Cave Rig Frame ShownCoupon Code VoskCoin save 3% – 8 GPU Rig Frame Alternate Mintcell Spartan 8 GPU Rig Frame Mintcell Spartan w/ 8 RisersPCIE Risers (if needed x8) UBIT 12 pack – good to have extras – Mintcell 6 packHDD (USB Stick Drive) – Shown Lexar 32gb – Shown alternate seller – 16gb lexar 3.0 usb – 16gb teal lexar small usbM.2 PCIE adapter by Explomos (1x)Explomos M.2 Shown – Mintcell M2 PCIE adapter – Alt. M 2 PCIE adapter –'s – Choose 71080 TI TI 6gb 3gb TI VEGA – 64 – 56RX580

    1. gearbest sells the Baikal GB for $24,627.20 & the AntMiner S9 for $5384.76. LMAO..
      What a bloody joke, & their GPU prices are crap too and RIP off shipping prices!
      So much for deals from Chinese vendor sites! Your better of buying within you own country or the offical retailer website.
      Its Even Chapter to buy a GPU' s sold in New Zealand currently than from most Chinese vendor websites like dhgate, gearbest and so on… These Chinese peasants are getting greedy now! Time to trade sanction them for 6 months, though that would just make pricing worse and unfortunately most miner's could not helps themselves let alone the whinging whining snot nose gamers of the world!!

  2. XVG has 5 different mining algorithms. I just sent some XVG to an old friend today to start him on his crypto journey.

  3. I was thinking that. If you used a microcontroller/FPGA pair, you could generate VHDL on the fly. So mine whatever you want on a FPGA.

    There is enough money in the space to create it.

  4. Man, Shotoshi never said 1 CPU one vote. In fact quoting from Shatoshi: Nodes are always miners in any Blockchain that is to work, that is the secret and these always end as capitalist groups. That is, it is not a one person one vote system, it is a skin in the game and investment and risk based system. Anyone can mine, if they risk and invest.

  5. Yea…kinda sucks. I CPU mine some electroneeum through miningpoolhub.I've seen a little dip but im holding so not a big deal. I believe electroneeum is ASIC resistant. Not really a big ROI. I'm using a mini PC (Lenovo ThinkCenter M92P) (19v @ 3.42mA) – basically like using a laptop – …so very low power.

  6. Hey VoskCoin
    ! Love the content Bud, great video as usual. Thanks for the informative videos on the Baikal Giant B. Is it still part of your mine? Any thoughts on the best pools to join for profitability? Seems like all rewards have dropped substantially. Hear from you soon, continue the great work! Regards

  7. Looks like they hit cryptonight hardly today! Sumo diff increased 386%(+80Mh/s) and XMR +6%(80Mh/s). Devs should fork asap.

  8. haha you are so right man, halongmining with their and black stickers on asics along with the asian dude in a sweater totaly deserve to get 10 K for their scam looking product. lol

  9. @VoskCoin
    Do you think if somebody who is about to start ith the GPU mining pretty seriously to shift towards Electroneum ETN Miner instead? On one hand, there is this buzz about new NVidia cards about to be relleased on the other the Etherium PoS is the gamechanger for those mining Etherium. And now these news about Electroneum…

  10. Personally I wouldn't mind if ASIC mining took over. It is becoming impossible to purchase a GPU for a reasonable price to use as a compute accelerator card for rendering, AI training, and photogrammetry work.

    Seriously, even Kepler based cards are rather expensive now. I need a CUDA card with lots of memory for monocular odometry on a robot, I could have afforded a used Titan a year ago, but now it is absolutely out of my price range.

  11. Buy your GPU Acis Minner today for wholesales rate Visit

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    Bitmain Antminer S9 13.5Th/s witn Power Supply –

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  12. I think the privacy niche in crypto is a very interesting niche but there is a lot of competition and each time a new project comes out that tries to do better things. For example a project called DeepOnion has had an airdrop for the past 35 weeks and there are 5 weeks left and then the project will probably be listed on major exchanges such as binance and bittrex. This project has a hybrid mining algorithm so its art POS and part POW. It has great upcoming features and one of the strongest points is the solid community. IMO you will definitely be hearing about this project in the future!

  13. not true banal helped me put firmware on my cube after i deleted it
    You are full of shit..although selling basics is a good idea i made killing off L3+

    Invest in AGI!!

  14. well speaking on who took what and etc , well you took gpu's from gamers so you should be the last person to say things about taken things period

  15. ASIC Miners DESTROY GPU Mining? Wow so short sighted and foolish but please all listen to him. If yo can't get one of these just quit mining and sell your cards. While I take them all and go straight to the bank with it lol

  16. Cryptocurrency should have never existed, the world was just fine without it, now its facilitating trade and purchase of illicit items (including slaves) and its dragging us gamers through horse shit.

  17. i really hate baikal…….
    they ruined low power consumption myr-groestl gpu mining with their crappy box.
    and now they will ruin cryptonight mining…….. so basically no more cpu mining (xeons, ryzen, fx) and no more "low power consumption" gpu mining. this sucks.

  18. The ASICS work for more than one coin. They're more limited in their applications. Like bitmain S9s can also mine bcash&Lcash. How can you mine bcash or "L"cash, without easily 1:1 converting it to BTC ?

  19. I think these coin networks need to implement Blockchain in a different way. The way the network difficulty is designed it causes hardware obsolescence and that is not sustainable. This is definitely the cat chasing its tail. This could be done more efficiently. There is gold in the coin network that figures that out. I would suggest clusters that prove themselves and have a hash solving score. Once you have a proven score that is always checked, you should be able to take on transactions and just solve them. If you do not solve them fast enough your score goes down and you are notified that something is wrong with your machines. A certain score should mean you will solve the hash in a given time frame that is acceptable. A given piece of hardware should be able to solve hashes within a certain time frame and have a given value. Otherwise, the person or group with the most money to buy the best hardware will win the most often. But they still keep on having to buy hardware more often. In a more sustainable network, you just buy as much good hardware as you can afford and grow that cluster and maintain a good score. This way you do not have to keep buying the latest and greatest hardware, but just maintain a good score. The more good hardware you run the more transactions you can receive. Just a thought.

  20. As a Gamer it is great news. because GPU prices may finally go down but me as a also a miner my self I am at the middle here. GPU is really expensive now a days, and building a GPU mining mining rig is really Pricey, having a dedicated miner to do the job might do the thing. but the community is hurt because of this. it's just my opinion tho. it is really hard to love both things at once.

    1. I'm on the same boat, currently mining with a 390 and a 1070, wheter it goes up or down I feel happy, but on the other side it concerns me when it goes down, I guess one thing all gamers can do is buy overpriced gpus and mine to get back what they overpayed

  21. Negative.

    Monero PoW change and new CryptoNightV7 algorithm
    Dear NiceHash users!

    The team behind Monero has recently announced a Proof-Of-Work change for its XMR coin. The main reason for this change is to improve ASIC resistance and you can read more about the PoW change in their official blog post. Furthermore, the fork is coming in about 11 days and you can monitor the countdown here.

    This will also bring some changes regarding the CryptoNight algorithm on NiceHash. We are officially announcing the support for the new algorithm called CryptoNightV7. It will get listed on our algorithms page by the end of March 2018. The current CryptoNight algorithm will stay active on the platform until further notice.

    You can expect a new release of the NiceHash Miner that will bring support for CryptoNightV7 algorithm soon. Miners please be cautious when buying ASIC miners and thoroughly check which algorithm they are supporting because CryptoNightV7 will not be supported by ASICs.

    Thank you for using our service,

    Your NiceHash team.

  22. The irony…. You miners destroy GPU prices for gamers and now something made to mine is going to destroy GPU mining. KeK

  23. You Miner's are stupid ya prefer paying 5k on GPUs then 2k that's going to work more efficient. Stop buying GPUs they weren't made for mining. Where you fucks before this crypto currency bullshit.

  24. ASIC is trying to take a monopoly in the industry, now imagine the only mining machines profitable are ASIC miners and the only miners that exist are ASIC miners, well now you have to use their software, you have to pay their fee's. Crypto currency will at the whim of a specific company and specific software. GPU mining is open source, do it how you want with what ever program you want. From a business point of view ASIC's will kill Crypto mining.

  25. The thing about crypto currency it has no material to back the currency, money has gold and gold are a limit recources in the world, while crypto isn't this currency will fail its just a matter of time.

  26. I guess I don't understand why you have to be one or the other. If you could benefit from asic wouldn't you change to maximize profit ?

  27. Hey man, thank you for putting up so much valuable information on crypo and mining and related subjects, I find your opinions very valuable. So an idea came to mind with the launch of the bitmain asics, and I agree with your opinions on how that 800$ 180mh won't really be viable, but i found a silver lining. Eth struggling in the 385s, this new asic 800/180mh can be the shitty entry level gpu miners need. I feel that once these go on the market, it will have a drastic influence in gpu prices, benefiting us gpu miners in the long term, but affecting us in the short term. I just wanted to give my two cents, i hope this information finds you well. Again thank you for your channel, great content. my regards to doge

  28. It is just another hardfork as simple for asicSee price chart and you will know what you are talking aboutDont see it from one angle

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