6x Vega Frontier FE Mining Rig W/ PCIE Risers – 13200 H/s Cryptonightv7 + Cryptonight Heavy

Overview of a 6x Vega Frontier FE Mining Rig built with infamous Vega Frontier Edition GPU that does run normally run stable on PCIE risers. Adrenalin drivers running stable 13200 h/s CNH on risers!
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Graphics Card – AMD Vega Frontier – http://geni.us/cgEG
Motherboard – Biostar TB250 – http://geni.us/XJCQtSB
RAM – Crucial Ballistix DDR4 2400 – http://geni.us/c2hwO2
Mining Rig Frame – Veddha 6 GPU – http://geni.us/99ds5UZ
CPU – Intel 1151 G4400 – http://geni.us/kbyqB
Harddrive – 128gb m2 SSD adata – http://geni.us/xoHtww
Operating System – Windows 10 – http://geni.us/RBlnILX
6x PCIE Riser – Brands w/ Good Reviews – http://geni.us/MGJviwb
Power Supplies – 2x EVGA 1000w – http://geni.us/Jjs8Y
Use this w/ 2 PSU – Add2PSU – http://geni.us/GxR8oC
Alt. Power Supply – 1x EVGA 1600w – http://geni.us/E63dyBg
PCIE Splitter – Depends on PSU used – http://geni.us/RdPNpvu

Vega Frontier using Power Play and Registry Mods (DL Link)

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65 Replies to “6x Vega Frontier FE Mining Rig W/ PCIE Risers – 13200 H/s Cryptonightv7 + Cryptonight Heavy”

  1. Add the ROI on your videos…. that was something you did early on and have stopped lately. I want to know ROI as of today!!!!!

    1. This mining game is becoming extremly difficult. If I continue to mine with my GPU's it will be at a lost in the near future. On the other hand; people who didn't stop mining in the past ,even at a loss, could sell at huge profits years later. If you sell your GPU's now you can still get some decent money. It seems all to be like a big gamble πŸ™

  2. I have 3 x MSI RX 56 and 1 x Gigabyte RX 56 .The Gigabyte does more, but is less stabile. 1800 h/s at 150 watt per card. -6% Mhz. -20% Power core clock. 900 to 950 mem clock. Thermals at <60 degrees. Just Cast XMR, Latest Driver & Wattman. Good choice, mate. Exciting to be having you on Team Vega.

  3. Price: Β£1,447.71 HEELLL NO !
    I can make a 6 x 580 rig for that and put it on ETH.
    PS: U didnt say how much that rig makes a day

  4. In terms of investment, this is definitely not good choice because Frontier card is normally twice as expensive as Vega 56. Buying 6 Frontier cards at 2X price but this only gains 10% hash over 6X Vega 56. In another way, only pointing at gaining higher hashrate, why not choose GTX TitanV? Anyway, thanks for sharing this video!

    1. Frontier only make sense imo if you are dual threading them for cryptonight heavy boosting them from Vega hashrate of ~1400 hashes to ~2200 hashes

  5. For the price of one of these you can buy 3 Rx-580 8GB cards and be hashing over 3k. Maybe they'd be worth it at $750.

  6. This is the Rig I want to build πŸ™‚ we spoke about it briefly before. what did you have to pay per card for the frontiers? all I am seeing is ~$1k per atm =/

  7. Hello Vosk, I am leadadmin of the Elevate Group and i would like to get in contact with you. Hope you got some time for me. Cheers

  8. What's the limit on the Biostar TB250 BTC again? 6 Nvidia cards + 6 AMD cards? OR is this the MB with the 12 AMD or 12 Nvidia cards? How about the Biostar TB250-BTC PRO Ver. 6.x? 6 Nvidia cards + 6 AMD cards? OR is it the MB with the 12 AMD or 12 Nvidia cards?

  9. I hear Electroneum is also dropping GPU miners – soon to be a s#itcoin without trust, without a mining community that gives investment, savings and daily trade volume to the coin, open to manipulation and attacks.

  10. Hi I have question,…I built a new rig and deleted my old rig in SMOS but still had money in rig balance, the rig balance still going down day by day and my payouts oat 0.05 continued for a couple of payouts (on Dwarfpool) but now, with no changes made I hit 0.05 and no pay out and tried to manually pay out on Dwarfpool and no payout. So,… the question is,…Is Simple Mining blocking my payout because they see new rig and need a fee payed separate for it?

  11. Hi my friends, a question about the reg, i see the fan mod, is posible mod the Fan only? How to do this?

  12. Does anyone know how this registry fan tool works.? I ran it and it only opened up one of my 4 FEs So one is running at 99% fan speed and 55 degrees C and the other three are still only getting 40% fan speed and heating up to 85 degrees C. Any ideas? Do I need to edit the tool or something? It seems like it is only targeting one card at a time.

    1. My only other question is does any one know how to edit this registry tool to set the max temp to 60 or 65? right now it is setting them for 70 max I think that's a little too high.

  13. GeekMark has been mining CryptoNight Heavy with 8 Vega Frontiers for like 4 months now. He helped me set up my 3 Vega FEs on discord a couple months back. He was getting around 2.4kh/s per Vega using a 0 fee XMR-Stak.

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